December 22, 2016 Stephen No comments

12 Hour Charity Stream – Thank You!

We did it!

Our 12 Hour Charity Stream of Awesomesauce(tm) successfully concluded with us earning over $500 for Toys for Tots. We are so excited to have been able to participate in earning some cash for this incredible charity.

The credit for this definitely goes to Ashley and Jacob for putting in the time and effort to make this stream a success. Jacob dreamed up the idea of a 12 hour stream and was a huge driver in making sure that we did it. Ashley exercised her incredible network of fantastic game developers to see if we could get them to participate in the stream and hang out for a while. Big Fish Games, the developers of Dungeon Boss, even chipped in a TON of freebies so we could do some giveaways and drive traffic to the stream. Stephen put together an alert system in order for people to get a giant shout out when they donated to Toys for Tots. Drest, a frequent viewer and participant in our WoW streams, put together an excellent donation meter that we could use all the way through the stream.

At the end of the day, everything turned out better than we expected. We thought that $500 was incredibly lofty for a few nerds who just want to play games on the internet. We honestly thought that we were mad for even trying it. We’re a little bit crazy, but it turns out that crazy actually wins every now and then.

Thank you guys so much for all of your support throughout our marathon stream, and for sending your hard earned dollars to benefit kids in need. You made the difference, and you proved to us that it was possible to do some good from just playing games and hanging out. Special thanks to Big Fish Games and Arcanity Inc, the makers of Tanzia, for being a part of the stream as well. They sincerely wanted to help and it was definitely felt by us and those who tuned in.

If you missed the stream you can still donate! Visit our donation page and just toss your cash to Toys for Tots, and if you want to relive the whole thing, check out our YouTube channel