November 8, 2016 Stephen No comments

2Dorks Blog

It’s time for 2Dorks to have a one stop shop for stuff related to everything we’re doing. You guys deserve a central depot for all the things we’re up to, so I figured this was as good a place as any. You’ll find updates on stream times, specific info on ideas we have, and any other fun dorky things. There’s also a forum. We’re playing around with bbPress for that. Not sure I love it, but it’s something worth trying. If we’re not super into it, then we can always do something different.

NEWS! The Adventures of Stephen is back up and running. Every Tuesday night we’ll have a stream of me trying to work my way through all sorts of awesome adventure games. Hope you guys can join! I’m scheduled for Tuesday nights around 8pm. That’s a little flexible since I have to wait for my baby to fall asleep. Yay, parenting!

Catch you guys later!

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